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author passed away at a hospital in houston, texas after a very long and public battle against cancel. he began as a left wing journalist and moved on to new york and to a an extent the political right. >> he was a provocative figure, describing himself ads a contrarian. a an author of 17 books, he was an atheist and -- >> diagnosed with cancer last year, he spoke to news night about his declining health. >> i'm afraid i would die in an ugly or squalered way. i feel a sense of waste about it. because i'm not ready. afle sense of betrayal to my family. >> he began in career in britain, moving to new york in the 1980's. his death was announced by "vanity fair" where he worked as a contributing editor. the magazine said there will never be a man like he and he was as violent they knew him and those who knew them. one said he could throw words into the sky and they fell down in a marvelous pattern. helen fox, "bbc news." >> we go from one end of life to the other. one of the smallest premature sbeabs about to be sent home by doctors. when she was born in august, melinda was so tiny she could
for these areas in the west of the gulf of mexico off of the coast of m texas. >> the second-largest american oil co., chevron, and transition, they could be fined $10 billion for a spell of of the coast of brazil. -- for a spill off of the coast of brazil. the company has party taken responsibility for leaking two billion barrels of oil into the sea. you have details. >> yes. the euro fell to its lowest level against the dollar in almost a year. analysts are pointing the finger at growing uncertainty about how much effect the summit will really have on the eurozone crisis. angela merkel has told brolin that there are no quick fixes and the process will take years. -- has told berlin that there are no quick fixes and the process will take years. >> the road she is pointing down as long and hard, but it leads to a european union with much more central control in the spending and taxing of the countries that choose to get involved by signing the treaty. >> the past fiscal union and the stability of the union is still a long way of being finalized. but it was initiative and i think irrevocably. >> c
hopefuls have been meeting supporters in iowa the week before the caucuses begin to pick a nominee. texas congressman ron paul was attacked by rivals for his view the united states should not take action against iran to stop the nuclear weapons program. 2011 has been difficult for india's governing congress party. there have been corruption scandals, rising prices, and aging leadership. focus is shifting to the latest member of the nehru gandhi dynasty. many hope he can revive the fortunes of his party. he campaigned in a tour pradesh, india's most politically influential state. >> the came by thousands, packed into rally grounds, all eyes on one young man. raul gondi, there to one of the most powerful political dynasties. the congress government has always fought for your interest -- farmers, laborers, the poorest of the poor, he said. they have been left out of india's rapid rise. this massive public rally is one of several he has addressed. the people have turned out in numbers as he pushes on with his campaign to try to revive his party's fortunes in these critical state elections. th
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3